The Reason For You and Your Pet To Seek Medical Attention Against Bugging Tick

petTick menace is turning into a catastrophic phenomenon. This ecotoparasites continues to bug human life causing hells of discomfort. If not on your dogs, these tiny creatures will probably be lurking on your skin.
Ticks diseases are zoonotic, making these creatures a bad news to human life. Ticks will not only be in an urge to feed, but in the process transmitting diseases. It is recommended seek medical attention immediately you see or recall its symptoms that entail; itchy feeling, fatal illness or any form of secondary infection. These are the most obvious symptoms that will be noticed however they may range in dogs and humans alike.

Danger of ticks to the dog

By attaching their mouth firmly to the dog, ticks continue to suck your dog’s blood. Normally these spots usually appear red in color, resembling the color of blood pigments from your dog.

Anemia: Ticks activity can be so damaging to cause anemia in dogs. A worse scenario of blood loss that is capable to kill your pet.

Paralysis: By secreting some of the rare deadly toxins, some of the female tick species can cause paralysis to your infected dog. These worsening conditions can amount to death in its extremities.

Chronic Lyme: They are also known as Lyme disease. This malignant disease comes with an array of symptoms such as; causing dog’s arthritis, aching lameness and even swelling on the dog’s joints among other symptoms.

Rocky Mountain spotted fever: This is tick-borne Rickettsia ricketssi bacteria, which greatly act in damaging the kidney and heart of its host, cause ailment.

Babesiosis disease: Is a disease majorly caused by a microscopic nymph tick parasite in an infected red blood cell, and spread by Ixodesscapularis tick commonly known as black legged or deer tick.

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big and small dogDanger of ticks to human

Humans, particularly dog owners and handlers are usually exposed to this ticks diseases. Pigs mainly breed during the warm climatic conditions, and humans need to take caution not to be infected with;

Babesiosis disease: This disease is mainly transmitted through blood transfusion from infected people or from mother to baby during delivery. They are highly contagious to the; elderly, individual with weak immune system, those with no spleen and with various health implications. Some of its complications encompass an unstable and low blood pressure levels, hemolysis, a reduced platelet count, malfunctioning of the body vital organs and even DIC.

Rocky Mountain spotted fever: It also replicate in humans, some of its symptoms include severe fever, rash, headache, muscle pain, loss of appetite and abdominal pains.

Bartonella: Caused by BartonellaHenselae bacteria. It lives mainly in the blood vessels linings. Its symptoms includes; streaked rush, swollen glands in the neck, arms and head region, numbness, ataxia. This disease has been found to have more of neurological symptoms.

Ehrlichia and Anaplasma: Is transmitted by Ixodes tick and the Lone star tick. In addition, this life threatening disease has almost similar symptoms to Babesiosis and Bartonella.

It is recommended that people respond appropriately to this symptoms, and seek medical advice in time to avoid further damages by tick diseases.


Healthy Tips on how to Control Pest

Unfortunately, ticks and fleas are found all over the world. Controlling them may be somewhat difficult, and the only option may be to have our armors on for defense. For a healthy home, we not only need to get rid of this stubborn parasite, but rather also repel them as well. It is time we show these pests their real aboard, and stop them from wallowing in the luxury of our homes. In order to better deal with this menace, let us examine the route cause, by analyzing questions on; how the dog got the fleas and ticks, and what kind of illness they are likely to contract? This will provide insight on how to well approach and deal with this insects.

Keeping your pets healthy:

dog and girlIn this way parasite have less effect on healthy animals. Healthy ambiances discourage flea and ticks buildup, whilst tremendously boosting recovery from diseases. The whole idea of emphasizing on hygiene is to develop the immunity from these parasites.

Routine checkups:

To prevent your pets from being bugged, consider deviating from the use of chemicals and drugs as a form of routine treatments. Observing some of the healthy inspection routines, are worth keeping your dog healthy after outdoor activities.

Keep it natural:

Pet owners are advised to consider banking on natural ingredient-based repellants, immune-boosting dietary guidelines, among other techniques, instead of over-reliance on commercial and other chemical forms of medications.

Take caution:

Do not use cats’ treatment on dogs and vice versa, as they are likely to alter Ph components of the animals, which may result to unforeseen tragedies.

Read dosage prescription:

Always take time to read on the instructions and prescriptions made for the doses. Consult with the veterinarian where necessary to avoid doubts and confusions.

Treat your mat:

Always steam-clean the mat probably every week and set it to dry. Sprinkle boric acid and salt to facilitate dehydration of the fleas, their larva and eggs. This provides a safe means and less dangerous method to reduce fleas and ticks, without having to use the dangerous chemicals.

Use amorphous diatomaceous repellent:

To clear off this parasite from the comfort of your house, one can sprinkle this power on hidden regions of the furniture, baseboards, and cracks among other hard to reach areas of your house. This may leave your house looking like a mess but this acaricides will works well to driving out and killing fleas and ticks in the house. Do not opt for the gasified type as the one preferable for pool filters

Contemplate on making a Flea Trap

 Set a trap by having a bowl of lukewarm sudsy water on the floor, with light glimmering over its surface. This will attract and drown fleas thus reducing on flea infestation on your home.

Deploy nematodes

 The beneficial nematodes to help control fleas around your home. This is an economical control strategy. These insects can be purchased from some veterinarian or on some internet companies.

• Use the Ivory liquid soaps: This is to suffocate fleas. This repellant can be sprayed in the garden to curb flea prevalence in your yard.


Following In the Life Of A Tick

happy dogTicks are ectoparasite that mainly feed on fresh blood from its host. They belong to the arachnid class and are classified under the family ixodoidea. Most of the tick family goes through the normal four life stages of egg to a six legged larva, then to an eight legged nymph and finally adult. At the initial stages of its life cycle, these classes of ticks, either soft tick or hard tick, must feed on blood to survive. They normally shift to different mammals, in search for a better meal of blood. This quality makes it a vector to a number of diseases, which has continued to affect animals and humans.

Tick specie vary in life span, as soft tick may go up to three years, the hard tick can only last for few months in its life cycle, mainly contributed by inability to find a better host to cater for its next feed. Ticks heavily rely on blood meal to perform all its activities. As much as some species may go for years without meal, blood is always energy source to this parasite. In warmer climatic condition, these ticks usually surface for the onset of another busy feeding ceremony. Getting this chance enables them to grow and even lay eggs. The amount of eggs laid will depend with the amount of blood ingested.

The Life Cycle

After a week of thorough feeding, the mother tick will detach itself from its host and proceed to lay eggs within the four days of seclusion. They stay in the hiding for about fifteen days laying the eggs and covering them with secretion before passing on.

Egg: this is the initial stage in the beginning of life. There is generally no much ongoing activity at this stage, except for the egg development. The hundreds of eggs laid materialize into larvae in a span of two to five weeks.


Larvae: In this stage they will break of their shell and commence in search of a host. At this stage dogs are always preferable as the better host, nonetheless they will always seem to do with any mammal readily available. This feeding pattern will always continue and only seize within four days to a week’s time. They then transition to the next stage.

Nymph: This stage is usually welcomed after two weeks of thorough feeding as larvae. At this juncture the parasite will shift between its hosts. This process will continue for about five to ten days before hibernating to transform its features in ushering it into to the last stage.

Adult: It takes a period of about two weeks for the nymph to transition to this final stage. Either male or female, they will search and fasten themselves to a host. As opposed to their female counterparts, male ticks are short-lived.

The overall life cycle, of this “female brown dog” tick specie can last to only two months. However, this may not be the case in the winter season, and may tend to be quite longer, as they are able to starve for three to five months.

The advice on what your pet should eat

The pets have to be treated more than just the watchdogs and scenery. They have become the members of the family, gentle leaders, teachers, constant companions and special friends. You should give them the best respect since it is what they deserve and they do not expect anything else from you. Cats and dogs teach children and adults about the meaning of self worth, unconditional love, responsibility and compassion. Even if they can be a big investment of money and time, they are considered to be the best companions because they help people emotionally and physically.

Being able to get a balanced diet is the basis to live a healthier, happy and long life with enough energy. It is good if you have the advice on how you can keep your animal healthy and you have to learn about the most important tips about you. As far as you have the right advice, providing the pet balanced diet is not too hard. The best advice is to give the pet high quality feed which had been tailored to a high level of the activities that they do every day. This is because the dogs and cats need to have the right level of minerals, vitamins and fiber. Such requirements have to be considered in a careful way and this means that when you have high quality branded products, you are going to be assured that the pet is now getting everything that its body requires.

Many dog and cat owners may find challenges when it comes to cook for their pets. They have to make sure that the ingredients are ideal and that important ingredients are not lost while cooking. The experience had shown that cooked food has low vitamins with a high level of protein and fats. Any person who is looking to cook for his dog or the cat, he has to make sure that he has got the right instructions and recipes from a nutrition and vet expert.

Another advice that the people who have the pets may need is to decide if the dog needs mixed, wet or dry food. The opinion is normally divided if the pets need to have wet and dry food or if it is the mixture of everything. There are many forums which talk about which is correct option but it all ends at what you or your pet love most.

While deciding on what the pets have to eat, you should also see what they like most, the quality of the food and what the dog needs. When you are able to fulfill all these requirements, you will be sure to have a happy pet while you will be able to cover for all the nutritional requirements of your dog. At the end, it is up to you to decide on what you can give the pet or if you can combine wet and dry food.

While feeding your pet, you should have a certain routine and when you have a healthy dog, you should feed it at least two times.